How to Immigrate to Qatar as a Psychologist


If you’re looking to immigrate to Qatar as a Psychologist, you’re in the right track! Psychologists are in demand right across Qatar and you may be able to secure secure a permanent residence with or without a job offer.  If you are a psychologist and have experiences working as a psychologist, then you may qualify to immigrate to Qatar

Psychologists and other therapists that specializes in mental health care of people in need are in high demands in Qatar.  In fact, you may be surprise at the amount of job offers you can get when you starting searching job portals for psychology-related jobs.

Numerous vacancies can also be found across the country, each offering a favourable salary of QAR 150,000 (US$41,197) yearly. Considering the fact that the average salary nationwide can be the pay for mid-level psychologist, but if you happen to have a lot of experiences in the field, you can earn more than the average salary.

Why Finding Jobs in Qatar is Rewarding

Modern and Luxurious Lifestyle

For a country known to be the land of riches, blessed with oils, you should expect a luxurious lifestyle and high standing of livings by the Qataris as well as immigrants in the nation. There are numerous fancy hotels, restaurants, delicious cuisine, amazing scenery, and lots more can be part of once you step your foot in this beautiful nation.


Hospitable Culture:

Qatar is renowned for offering jobs to numerous foreign workers from various part of the world, however, the Qataris are generally known for their amazing hospitable culture. Qataris are the welcoming type, and are hospitable to every nationality, tribes, and religions.

Tax-Free Salaries

Honestly, apart from the many benefits of living and working in Qatar, tax-free salaries seem to a fancier reason why a lot of foreigners decide to choose Qatar as their work destination abroad.  You get your full salary payment and not requested to pay any wages in form of tasks by the Qatari Government.

Peaceful Nation

No matter the level of luxury a country has to offer, your safety should be of higher priority. According to the statistics by the Global Peace Index 2020, Qatar is ranked among the top 30 (27 to be precise) which makes it a secure and peaceful place to reside. Crimes like thefts, murder are very minimal and social security is well secured.  Hence, you literally don’t have to worry much about crimes and security, rather than to join the citizens and residents to peacefully enjoy your lives.

Psychologist and psychiatrists have different responsibilities they partake in and there are many fields within the field of physiology that deal with private clients, hospitals, and industry alike. A lot of times, there will always be need for a psychology to help out. For example, daily work extends to examining patients, engaging in talk therapy, conducting research or prescribing medication, and many more.

Below are some of the job titles under psychology:

  • Educational psychologist
  • Industrial psychologist
  • Child psychologist
  • Neuropsychologist
  • Developmental psychologist
  • and others.

Duties and Responsibilities of Psychologists in Qatar

Psychologist can work in different professional settings. It can be in the hospital, clinic, school, home, or an office specially dedicated for therapy. This means the duties and responsibilities of the psychologist may differ based on those settings, but below is the general overview of what is expected of a psychologist;

  • Provide a systematic high-quality psychology service within a multidisciplinary setting working collaboratively with other clinicians and special educators to promote wellbeing, best interests and development of children and adults.
  • Support clinical team and Special Educators regarding complex issues relevant to children and adults with SEMH.
  • Independently select, administer, score and interpret specialist psychological assessments (including ADOS 2, WISC, WIAT, Connors, WPSSI),
  • Formulate plans for formal psychological treatment and/or management of a child or young person’s mental health problems based upon an appropriate conceptual framework and employing methods based upon evidence of efficacy.
  • Provide individual and group therapy using various evidence-based/informed modalities as clinically indicated to include brief problem-focused psychotherapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy, and client-centered therapy for children, adolescents and family members.
  • Provide clinical and administrative oversight to clinical and administrative staff.
  • Monitor progress and adjust interventions accordingly
  • Write reports and maintain information records accurately
  • Provide expertise and specialist psychological advice, guidance and consultation to other clinicians contributing directly to a child/young person’s formulation, diagnosis and treatment plan.
  • Work as a key member of the multidisciplinary team.


  • Doctorate (preferable) or Master’s degree in clinical or educational psychology
  • Professional Registration/ license
  • Extensive knowledge and abilities to use a range of formal psychology assessments
  • Extensive experience in ASD
  • CBT trained
  • Ability to work across different settings; clinic, school and home
  • Ability to offer teletherapy
  • Ability to provide clinical supervision to junior staff

How to Immigrate to Qatar as a Psychologist

The two means of immigrating to Qatar if are seeking or want to start working is through Entry Visa and Work Permit Visa. The Entry Visa can be in the form of Tourist Visa or Family Visa where you visit to Qatar and then look for a job before your visa expires. But the most ideal visa is the Work Permit.

Work Permit

The work permit is a type of visa that can only be acquired when you have secured a job in Qatar. So, you’ll have to job hunt online or if you have a representative over there in Qatar to help you secure a job. Once you secure the job, your employer which is also regarded as your sponsor for the work permit plays a vital role in acquiring the work permit visa for you.

This means that your employer will need to go through the bureaucratic process of gaining permission to hire foreign workers. After that, you/your employer will need to supply the following documents;

  • A copy of your international passport.
  • A completed application form in Arabic.
  • A copy of the Commercial Registration of the business.
  • The immigration card of the business.
  • A copy of a valid employment contract between the sponsoring company and yourself, in Arabic and English.
  • A medical certificate from a government-approved hospital.
  • Four passport-size photos.
  • Your biometric data (fingerprints).

The current fee for this is QAR 200 (US$55). Your work permit starts seven days after you arrive in Qatar, and to bring your spouse or dependents along with you to Qatar, you’ll need a different kind of visa; the family sponsorship visa.

In addition, after the you’ve acquired the work visa, you’ll need to also apply for Residence Permit. Your employer will also play a major role in acquiring this from you, and what you need is similar documentation like the one above required for a work permit.


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