How to Immigrate to Qatar as a Pharmacist


Are you considering immigrating to Qatar and you just happen to need a pharmacist job? You are on the right track. Pharmacy and other healthcare professions are some of the highly sought-after professions in Qatar. In fact, the Qatari Government favours expats that falls within this category when immigrating to the country.

There are several options you can apply for as a pharmacist in Qatar, including:

  • Retail pharmacist
  • Hospital pharmacist
  • Clinical pharmacist
  • Community pharmacist
  • Industry pharmacist; or
  • Pharmacist


How Much Does Pharmacists Earn in Qatar

Majority of the healthcare profession are lucrative professions, and pharmacist is among the most lucrative amongst them all. The average salary is QAR 19,700 (US$5,410) of which more experience workers in the field can earn a salary up to QAR 30,300 (US$5,322).



Practical Tips to Make Working Abroad Easier for Pharmacists

Solo or agency: you need to decide how you would like to move. Going with an agency can be less work, stress and running around, however going direct can result in a quicker process.

Research the country: you need to be aware of the culture of the country’s inhabitants. Get to know their likes and dislikes, their food, transportation, and also the recreation options available.

Model of practice: seek information on the healthcare and pharmacy model on which the country and company is based. Find out if the organization is based on a UK, US, Australian or other models.

Update your CV: your CV should always be up-to-date. Make sure you add your recent skills and work experience to your CV before applying for any new job.

Patience: ensure you are prepared to face difficulties, challenges, and delays during the process, and the best way you can to remain hopeful is by being patient. Patience is the key!


Duties and Responsibilities of Pharmacists in Qatar

The duties and responsibilities required of you in a pharmacist job may differ depending on the company hiring, however, below is an overview of what a pharmacist job opening looks like too give you an idea of what to expect when filling out application form for a position in the field of pharmacy.

  • Reviewing and executing physician’s prescriptions checking their appropriateness and legality
  • Organizing the pharmacy in an efficient manner to make the identification of products easier and faster
  • Maintaining full control over delivering, stocking and labeling medicine and other products
  • Review and execute physician’s prescriptions checking their appropriateness and legality
  • Organize the pharmacy in an efficient manner to make the identification of products easier and faster
  • Maintain full control over delivering, stocking and labeling medicine and other products and monitor their condition to prevent expiring or deterioration
  • Listen carefully to customers to interpret their needs and issues and offer information and advice
  • Provide assistance other medical services such as injections, blood pressure/ temperature measurements etc.
  • Prepare medicine when appropriate using correct dosages and material for each individual patient
  • Keep records of patient history and of all activities regarding heavy medication
  • Comply with all applicable legal rules, regulations and procedures


  • Proven experience as a pharmacist
  • Thorough understanding of dosage administration and measurement, chemical compounds, medical brands etc.
  • Outstanding knowledge of MS Office and Pharmacy information systems
  • Good organizing skills
  • Excellent communication skills with a customer-oriented approach
  • Integrity and compassion
  • Degree in Pharmacy/Pharmacology
  • Valid QCHP license to practice the profession


How to Immigrate to Qatar as a Pharmacist

Below are some of the steps to take to look for jobs and also immigrate to Qatar as a pharmacist.

  1. Search for Jobs

With the numerous job search engines available in the internet, a quick Google search using the right keyword and get you a list of available pharmacist job openings in Qatar.  Some of the popular job search engine out there include Indeed, Glassdoor, MonsterGulf, and most important, LinkedIn. Moreso, you can also go with an agency to help out with your job search and travel to Qatar.


  1. Get your Documents Ready

First, you don’t need to be reminded that you need to acquire at least a bachelor’s degree in pharmacy before you can get a comfortable nursing job in Qatar. The important documents you need to prepare include your PRC and school credentials.  You also need an updated CV and/or resume depending on the company you are applying with.


  1. Take the Qatar PROMETRIC Exam

The Qatar PROMETRIC Exam is for the Qatar-Prometric Licensing for pharmacists and other healthcare workers in the country. The PROMETRIC is an exam that must be taken by pharmacists and other healthcare professionals, like pharmacists, dentists, physiotherapists, doctors, and more. When you pass this online exam, you’ll have an edge over other applicants of the same job you are applying for.


  1. Get a Work Visa/Permit

Amongst all the visas for entering Qatar, the work visa / permit is the ideal visa for job seekers who have secured a job in Qatar.

In a work permit, your employer plays a vital role and stands as your sponsor for the work permit.  First, he or she will provide you with the work permit, and of which foreign workers at the company must be approved by the Labour Office.

This means that your employer will need to go through the bureaucratic process of gaining permission to hire foreign workers. After that, you/your employer will need to supply the following documents;

  • A copy of your international passport.
  • A completed application form in Arabic.
  • A copy of the Commercial Registration of the business.
  • The immigration card of the business.
  • A copy of a valid employment contract between the sponsoring company and yourself, in Arabic and English.
  • A medical certificate from a government-approved hospital.
  • Four passport-size photos.
  • Your biometric data (fingerprints).



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