How to Immigrate to Qatar as a Nurse


On average, the salary nurses earn in many countries cannot compete with the salary they can get while wrong abroad. That’s one of the reasons why many nurses prefer to work in countries such as the United States, Canada, Germany, Qatar and other GCC countries.  Indeed, there are numerous lucrative nurse job opportunities available for nurses abroad.

There are numerous reasons why Qatar is a great destination to work as a nurse. First, it is the richest country currently in the world, and its economy continues to grow rapidly. Another reason is that it is an open country that allows expats from any part of the world to enter. Qatar is so diverse that it hosts about 180 different nationalities, and a huge number of its entire population is composed of expats.

How is the Healthcare Industry in Qatar?

A report released by Alpen Capital shows that Qatar ranks as the number one country in the world with the highest per capita healthcare spending in the entire GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) at $2,043. Moreso, as per another report on Doha News, Qatar’s healthcare spending is expected to double by 2022. Also, at 78.1 years, Qatar has one of the highest life expectancies amongst every other country in the world.

All of these statistics signifies that the healthcare sector in Qatar is expected to boom drastically in the upcoming years. This makes it an ideal time to look for healthcare jobs like nursing, doctor, psychology jobs, etc. in Qatar.


What are the Average Work Hours and Salary for Nurses in Qatar?

Just like most other countries in the Middle-East, weekends are on Fridays and Saturdays. So, as a nurse, you’ll have to be working from Sunday to Thursday for 8-10 hours daily. Many of the healthcare centers in Qatar have rotational shifts where all the staff members get a day or two days off per week.

In terms of salary, the average salary in nursing jobs in Qatar generally ranges between QAR 4,000 (US$1,100) to QAR 10,000 (US$2,747). Registered Nurses (RNs) with considerable experiences working in Qatar earn weigh higher than the average salary of nurses.

How to Immigrate to Qatar as a Nurse

Before you start your application and immigration process, you need to meet the following qualifications before you can apply for majority of the nursing job offers in Qatar

  • Graduate of Bachelor of Science in Nursing
  • With minimum of 3 years’ experience as Staff Nurse
  • Passed the Qatar Prometric Exam and Dataflow
  • With Professional License from the Country of Origin
  • With BLS or ACLS
  • Experience In: Pediatric, Geriatric, Post Operative, Theater Nurse and Company Nurse
  1. Look for Job Opportunities

With the numerous job search engines in the internet, you can quickly do a Google search using the right keyword and get to find out many nursing jobs postings available in Qatar.  Indeed, Glassdor, MonsterGulf, and most important, LinkedIn are some of the best job search engines you can utilize for searching for jobs in Qatar.

  1. Prepare Your Important Documents

First, you don’t need to be reminded that you need to be a nursing graduate and a license nursed before you can get a comfortable nursing job in Qatar. The important documents you need to prepare include your PRC and school credentials.  You also need to have updated resume and CV.  At such, it is paramount you keep your resume updated ad always have tailored CV for any job you are applying.

  1. Schedule and take the Qatar PROMETRIC Exam

The Qatar PROMETRIC Exam is for the Qatar-Prometric Licensing for nurses in the country. The PROMETRIC is an exam that must be taken by nurses and other healthcare professionals, like pharmacists, dentists, physiotherapists, doctors, and more. When you pass this online exam, you’ll have an edge over other candidates applying for the same job with you.

  1. Get a Work Permit

Amongst all the visas for entering Qatar, the work visa / permit is the ideal visa for job seekers who have secured a job in Qatar.

In a work permit, your employer plays a vital role and stands as your sponsor for the work permit.  First, he or she will provide you with the work permit, and of which foreign workers at the company must be approved by the Labour Office.

This means that your employer will need to go through the bureaucratic process of gaining permission to hire foreign workers. After that, you/your employer will need to supply the following documents;

  • A copy of your international passport.
  • A completed application form in Arabic.
  • A copy of the Commercial Registration of the business.
  • The immigration card of the business.
  • A copy of a valid employment contract between the sponsoring company and yourself, in Arabic and English.
  • A medical certificate from a government-approved hospital.
  • Four passport-size photos.
  • Your biometric data (fingerprints).

The current fee for this is QAR 200 (US$55). Your work permit starts seven days after you arrive in Qatar, and to bring your spouse or dependents along with you to Qatar, you’ll need a different kind of visa; the family sponsorship visa.

In addition, after the you’ve acquired the work visa, you’ll need to also apply for Residence Permit. Your employer will also play a major role in acquiring this from you, and what you need is similar documentation like the one above required for a work permit.


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