How to Immigrate to Qatar as a Housekeeper


Are you looking for a change of location? Do you already have work experience as a housekeeper but don’t feel like you’ve reached your professional potentials yet? Are you in search of a destination where you don’t have to worry about your family getting healthcare benefits that they deserve? If yes, then you should opt for Qatar as your destination for work abroad.

Qatar is renowned for welcoming immigrants from al over the world and despite being a very small country, doesn’t place restriction on immigration to the country.

As with most in-demand professions, there are various Qatar immigration options to choose from depending on whether you have a job already, or will search for one when you get there, including other factors like skills level, qualifications, and others. So, in this article you will discover how to immigrate to Qatar as a housekeeper.

How Much Do Housekeepers Make in Qatar

Although housekeeper may not be a luxurious profession out there, however, the salary or wages housekeepers earn sometimes can be higher than many luxurious professions out there. The average salary of housekeepers in Qatar is QAR 5,680 QAR (US$1,560) while housekeepers with a vast experience in the housekeeping can earn up to QAR 8,630 (US$2,370) monthly.


Duties and Responsibilities of Housekeepers in Qatar

Depending on the place where you will be applying for a housekeeper position, will determine the duties and responsibilities you will be carrying out. However, below is an example of a job listing for a housekeeper position in Qatar to give you an heads-up on what to expect when you start search for housekeeping jobs.


  • Cleans assigned facilities and/or grounds for the purpose of maintaining a sanitary, safe and attractive environment.
  • Monitors custodial staff work for the purpose of ensuring that the site is suitable for safe operations, maintained in an attractive and clean condition, identifying necessary repairs to facilities and/or equipment, etc.
  • Monitors time records and absence records of custodial staff for the purpose of certifying the records for payroll.
  • Performs material handling tasks for the purpose of distributing materials to the appropriate parties within site.
  • Responds to immediate safety and/or operational concerns during scheduled work hours.
  • Plans and evaluates the performance of assigned staff; establishes performance requirements and personal development targets; regularly monitors performance and provides coaching for performance improvement and development goals.
  • Organize, set priorities and exercise sound independent judgment within areas of responsibility.
  • Ensure that all assigned areas are always meeting the client specifications through regular inspections and should always pass any joint audit performed by the client.


  • Diploma/ Degree in Hotel Management / Hospitality Management is an advantage.

Experience & Skills:

  • Minimum 3 years’ experience in similar position or capacity from airport/ 5-star hotels/ facility management company is mandatory.
  • Business Management, Hotel & Restaurant Management, Housekeeping, Building Maintenance.
  • Excellent knowledge about floor maintenance; cleaning machines and chemicals; color coding, PH values of the chemicals; cross-contamination, MSDS & COSHH.

How to Immigrate to Qatar as a Housekeeper

There are two immigration option you can try out when immigrating or looking for a job in Qatar as a housekeeper.

Entry Visa

The Entry Visa is the most common Visa required for entering Qatar. If you are a job seeker, you can use the entry visa to enter Qatar and then look for jobs there.  Although the duration is mostly within 30 days, it may not be the ideal choice for job seekers.

Citizens of Australia, Canada, the US, or the UK, do not require a visa to enter Qatar. You can obtain a visa waiver upon arrival, which for most travelers is at Doha’s Hamad International Airport (DOH), and it will be valid for 180 days from the date it was issued. The visa will entitle you to spend 30 days in Qatar, during either a single visit or multiple visits, and may be extended for an additional 30 days. Keep in mid; your passport must be valid for six months starting from the day you enter Qatar.

A 30-day visa costs $68-, and 96-hours visa costs $44. The processing of the visa usually takes from four to 15 working days.

Citizens of other European countries, Arab Gulf states, and some other selected countries can be eligible to enter Qatar freely, without an entry Visa.  However, it is very difficult to obtain a permanent residence or citizenship in Qatar. For example, you will need to have lived for 20 consecutive years in Qatar if you were not born there, or 10 years if you were born there before you will eligible for permanent residency.  Thus, you will need a long-stay visa like Work Permit that can prolong your stay in Qatar.

Work Permit

A work permit is an alternative means to enter Qatar. It is the most preferred means by expats due to its lengthier duration compared to an entry visa.

In a work permit, your employer plays a vital role as your sponsor.  First, he or she will provide you with the work permit, and of which foreign workers at the company must be approved by the Labour Office.

This means that your employer will need to go through the bureaucratic process of gaining permission to hire foreign workers. After that, you/your employer will need to supply the following documents;

  • A copy of your international passport.
  • A completed application form in Arabic.
  • A copy of the Commercial Registration of the business.
  • The immigration card of the business.
  • A copy of a valid employment contract between the sponsoring company and yourself, in Arabic and English.
  • A medical certificate from a government-approved hospital.
  • Four passport-size photos.
  • Your biometric data (fingerprints).

The current fee for this is QAR 200 (US$55). Your work permit starts seven days after you arrive in Qatar, and to bring your spouse or dependents along with you to Qatar, you’ll need a different kind of visa; the family sponsorship visa.

In addition, after the work permit, you’ll need to also apply for Residence Permit. Your employer will also play a major role in acquiring this from you, and what you need is similar documentation like the one above required for a work permit.


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